Sunday, November 01, 2009

NaBloPoMo begins... how long can I keep up?

Ok, so NaBlogPoMo starts today and I'm going to attempt to participate again this year in an attempt to pull out of my blogging slump. Last year, I think I made it about a week, but this time, I'm really going to give it a good effort. Anyway, I have a good excuse for not posting in 6 months- how could I possibly follow that last concert post??

Lots of knitting going on over here- as usual, I have a million projects going at the same time. I'm many inches into the Owls pullover:

back of owl sweater

It's a nice quick knit, on large needles (this photo is of the back, btw). I have no idea where this yarn came from though- I bought it from the MD Sheep and Wool Festival this year, but I lost the receipt for it somehow. :( All I know is that it came from a local farm, and that the guy who spun it looked exactly like Ed Bradley. Anyone want to take a guess?

I'm also almost at the end of my Fitted Raglan Shawl online class with Stefanie Japel. I enjoyed the online format; Stefanie made a bunch of step by step videos to teach you the lace chart and how to make it through any of the tricky parts. The only thing I had trouble with (not the fault of the class) was having time to participate in the online chat once a week. It's amazing how having a toddler can make it tough to find time for something as flexible as a 1 hour online conversation. Anyway, I'm a little behind, but steadily making progress:

mirth shawl progress 11-1-09

I'm using yarn, which although labeled worsted weight, is somewhere around dk weight. I liked the weight of the fabric when knitted up on size 9's, which is in between the pattern's recommended dk and worsted needle sizes.

It's also a pretty fast knit, as well as an easy pattern to memorize. Stefanie did a really nice job of explaining how to read your knitting, and comparing it to the lace chart, so you can always find your place. That skill definitely speeds things up, especially if you're like me, and always putting your work down without making a note as to where you left off. I'm always like, oh, I'll remember! Never happens.

I also finished a sleepy monkey blanket, and amazingly, it was in time for its intended recipient: my new nephew, who was born yesterday!

front of sleepy monkey blanket

dual side action

back of sleepy monkey blanket

I loved this pattern- so much fun to work on. The little monkey faces appear really quickly, which keeps thing interesting. It took a really long time to put together, but I think that was due to my not using long enough circular needles to do the border. Usually that's not such a big deal, but when you have like 300 stitches, it's a pain.

I used Lion Brand Fisherman's wool for all the colors, except for the red, which is Paton's Classic Merino, all in worsted weight.

If I don't post tomorrow, come over here and tell me how sad I am for lasting but one day in NaBloPoMo...


  1. Yay for NaBloPoMo! I know what you mean about your last post being hard to follow - i've sometimes checked to see if you'd updated, then I encountered Bruce and it was all forgiven :)
    Looking forward to some more of your knitting updates!

  2. Look at all that gorgeous knitting. You've been holding out on us. I'm happy for NaBloPoMo, because it's bringing all my favorite bloggers back to me!!