Friday, June 05, 2009

A mighty omelette forged in the heat of battle...

Ok, so I know I was supposed to be cutting the Monkey blanket steeks by now, but I still haven't finished knitting yet- 13 rows to go. Thanks for all your lovely comments here and on Rav! I can't wait for you to see it when it's finished.

While working on the blanket last night, I ended up knitting to Man vs. Food. The host travels the country to various restaurants famous for extreme dishes (i.e. super spicy/ gigantic/ weird) and then attempts to eat them and get his picture on the wall or whatever. In one episode, the guy goes to some place in Denver that offers a 7 pound breakfast omelette that was the size of my head. He attempts to eat it (there's no time limit, and it has been done before) and totally gives up without even puking or passing out, even though the whole crowd was cheering him on. What a loser! Maybe it's me, but if you are going to represent ALL OF MAN in Man vs. Food, you better bring your A game. The food stepped up here, but the man was an epic fail. Check it out here under under Denver Time Lapse.

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