Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Looking forward to a nice, juicy steek

So I am working on the Monkey blanket from Twist Collective- it's a surprise for my SIL's baby shower in a few months and I actually gave myself enough time to finish it. Originally, I planned on making the sock monkey baby blanket from SnB: The Happy Hooker, but I didn't have the patience to teach myself crochet. Too confusing. However, I'm actually thankful for my impatience, because I think this blanket is really going to kick ass.

[half of] side 1 of lauren's baby blanket

Each side is knit in the round, and then you cut steeks to flatten. Sides are attached and then the borders are picked up and knitted. The original pattern has this southwesternish border that I'm going to change. Instead, I'm going to use red, and the brown/white mix to give it more of a sock monkey look:

yarn for lauren's baby blanket

Keep your fingers crossed that I don't screw up the steeks. I'm going to sew the crap out of the seams before I cut them, so I'm sure it will be fine...


  1. AWWWW> That is darling!

  2. OMG *WANT!!!*

    that is going to be one lucky baby! it's is adorable!

    i will steek vicariously through you. :P

  3. Good luck! It looks gorgeous so far :)