Sunday, April 05, 2009

Godzilla has a sensitive side.

Gah! I'm still being a lazy blogger and a very active Tweeter. Oh well...

As promised a million years ago, I have some project pictures! Here are my Mosey legwarmers (US 8 needles; Paton's Classic Merino in Natural Mix):

Mosey legwarmers

Here is Godzilla modeling the Miss Dashwood hat (Lion Brand Cupcake in violet). He's pretty secure in his masculinity, so he took one for the team here:

miss dashwood hat

miss dashwood hat- detail

Apparently, purple is a good color for him.

Our friends had a little baby girl a few weeks ago, so I finally had the opportunity to knit up this little hat. It's so cute and knits up extremely quickly.

Finally, I also cast on for the Lacy Dolman from Glam Knits. It gives me the chance to get rid of left over mustard color Paton's Classic Merino (it's from all the little Gryffindor items that only require a yard or two as an accent stripe), and for Mr. Stix to see me in something other than my cozy, yet boxy gray cardigan.

Lacy Dolman sweater

I think he's excited :)

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  1. Cool legwarmers! I've had those on my list for ages....

    They look pretty cozy!