Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Twitter = my ADD blog

Ok, I have to admit it- I'm hooked on Twitter. I wish there was a way to blog as quickly and easily (minus the 140 character requirement). Maybe then I wouldn't have these month long absences...

So the word around Ravelry yesterday was that Tuesday Morning was selling amazing yarns like Arucania for dirt cheap. So many people were posting that they had gone over and that the rumors were true. Since we have two of those stores in our area, I decided to run over this morning and see the selection.

What a dump!! I thought the stores would be like Marshall's or something inside- bare bones, but at least clean. Tuesday Morning reminded me of that discount store in Romy and Michelle where Lisa Kudro can't believe the manager paid a whole dollar for his tie (including his employee discount!). It was horrible, but undeterred, I looked for yarn and found 3 sad little bins the size of loaf pans. The yarn was crap; I could've easily found better stuff at JoAnn's. Mweh! Oh well. Not like I needed to add to the piles of yarn I already have. There's still tons of stashbusting to be done.

I've been working on a bunch of projects concurrently, and most of them are about 75% finished. Too lazy for pictures tonight, so let me explain. Not enough time to explain- lemme sum up: I just have the thumb left on the Fig and Plum engagement mitts, using leftover Gryffindor red Paton's Merino, and leftover Arucania from an old Clapotis. I'm a few inches away from finishing the Mosey legwarmers, and 1-1/2 sleeves away from finishing the Loop d Loop Ballet tshirt in sugar n' cream navy cotton. Whew!

We're going to another book signing this weekend, this time for Kat Von D. It's a collection of (surprise!) tattoo art- pretty cool from what I saw when I flipped through it the other day. What I'm really excited about is getting a picture of Kat with Baby Stix (while he's wearing his sweet tattoo t-shirt).

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  1. Oh no too bad about the sad yarn experience:D I'll be back soon to check out your lovely projects though:D