Sunday, February 08, 2009

I will totally step away from the guacamole dip and put the chicken fingers down.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the internets? Despite the total douchebaggery on Ticketmaster's part, I found GENERAL ADMISSION FLOOR TICKETS TO THE SPRINGSTEEN CONCERT at a different venue along with a 15% off code online. Wheeeee!!! Hey Steve, what time is it?!?!

Like this wasn't the best news ever, I also found out that my favorite celebrity chef Bobby Flay (sorry Alton!) was holding a book signing at Bobby's Burger Palace in NJ:

I must have sounded like the biggest dork-- "I Tivo Boy Meets Grill every day!" and "you should have your wife on the show more- you guys are so cute together!"-- but he was very gracious and talked to/ took pictures* with everyone.

Here's my signed cookbook:

and our post-meeting lunch:

Nothing like a burger covered in guacamole and cheese and a chocolate shake to make standing in line for an hour and a half totally worth it...

Oh yeah, and I'm on Twitter now- come follow me!

*Note: Mr. Stix is in a moustache growing contest at work. In case you're wondering...

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  1. I was wondering who that was with you & Bobby! How cool that you got to meet him! I was just like that when I met Alton!!!

    Oh & I'm on twitter too! My username is stupidclever so add me & then I can add you!