Thursday, February 05, 2009

Didn't Tickemaster know it was Boss time?

As you all know, I'm originally from Jersey. I love all the typical Jersey things: going down the shore, rooting for the Giants, going to diners at 2am, and letting other people pump my gas. And like any good Jersey girl, I love Bruce Springsteen.

While some people were rooting for the Steelers or the Cardinals on Sunday, I was rooting for Bruce:

Tickets went on sale for his 2009 tour this week. Now here's the problem: Ticketmaster is a bunch of jerks. Have you read about this in the news? If you try to order tickets for the May concert at the Meadowlands (read: Izod Center), you can't because Ticketmaster sold them all to some other company called TicketsNow. Guess how much tickets there cost? For a single ticket in section 103 (I forget which row, but it's off to the side of the stage), it's $1600. For one ticket. WTF??

Anyway, I've resigned myself to the fact that I won't be at the concert, and the closest I'm going to get this year is listening to E Street Radio on Sirius or watching the Barcelona concert on DVD. Oh, and apparently I'm not the only one who put that DVD on their Netflix queue. Status? LONG WAIT. Ugh.

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  1. That's why we call them TicketBastard.

    Did you know that Bruce is playing Bonaroo festival? Do you know who else is playing? LOLZ we should go.

    Also - don't forget that as a Jersey Girl - you also love the Jug Handle. Which reminds me, don't feel too bad about not seeing The Boss at Izod - I saw You Know Who there - its like - imposible to get around that place - like worse then usual Jersey driving. Starbucks is down teh block - but iwas like 45 min round trip given the retard Meadolands layout.