Monday, January 12, 2009

Selvage, smelvage

Well, since it's apparently January 12th already, my resolution to blog more is already shot...

I finished a couple of projects since last month- the Alexandra ballet top is all finished, washed and is drying now (I can't even call it blocking, since I didn't pin it down- I just stretched it out and laid it on top of a sweater drying rack.) Hopefully it will fit, otherwise I guess I will have to re-wash it and block properly. Pictures to follow...

I've started on the Multiplicity sweater from Sensual Knits (stop snickering, Lisa!) and have about 15 inches of the back finished so far. This is a really cool sweater for those who haven't seen it yet. There is a long strip attached to the neckline and buttons running across one shoulder so you can either wrap the strip around your neck like a cowl or just throw the strip over your shoulder like a scarf. Ingenious.

The only thing I'm not enjoying with this pattern is that it calls for a selvage stitch to run down the sides of all pieces. Like a good little knitter, I followed the directions carefully and added this in- however, it turns out that there is no good reason to do this because it's going to be seamed together anyway. Even worse, it's more likely that my seams will look worse than they would had I left the selvage out (ie little gaps and holes), so I'm thinking I might omit it for all the subsequent pieces. Maybe no one will notice...

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  1. Wow sweaters, sweaters here we come! Show us some pictures soon:)

    Is it the alexandra ballet top from fitted knits?