Monday, December 15, 2008

Stop shining on me, Chris Dane Owens

On November 5th, I intended to write this super profound post about how I felt about the outcome of the Election, but I waited too long, and then ended up losing my blog mojo for the remainder of the fall semester. Luckily, I had my last final of 2008 tonight, and voila! the mojo is back. Next semester will be my last one- I can't believe it's been four years already.

This whole school/ baby thing is crazy busy- however, I have managed to work in some knitting time (usually late at night when everyone else is sleeping). I finished the Ballerina top, but it needs some serious blocking before I can show you a photo.

I also finished the Opulent Raglan back in October- it's been up on Ravelry for a while, so I forgot to post a photo here too:

opulent raglan- finally done

This was a super easy knit, despite how detailed it is. The instructions were very clear, and I didn't run into a single error. Sorry about the crappy picture quality (the flash was on)- the color is actually a really rich wine, and the fabric isn't as open as it looks here.

I also have about 50% of the Ballet t-shirt from Loop d Loop finished, but it definitely needs to be modeled. I'm using navy blue Sugar n' Cream, held double stranded, so there isn't really anything to see at this point but a big blue heap of cotton. It will definitely be finished this week though, so stay tuned.

The other project I'm working on is a mod of Camden from last season's Knitty. I'm not a big bobble fan, so they came out and a lace pattern came in. Needs waaaay more work. I keep messing up the lace pattern (need more stitch markers), so it's been ripped out about a dozen times. Keep your fingers crossed that it's finished before the spring semester...

I leave you with the greatest music video in the history of the world, and quite possibly, dare I say, the greatest video in the history of the internet:

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