Sunday, April 06, 2008

The eyes are the windows of your face.

Ok, ok, I guess after taking an eight week blog hiatus, I should post the obligatory bump photo.

I'm HUGE. Not that much longer to go, but longer than you think...

Since I can't try anything on at this point, I have a giant pile of pullover sweaters in progress that are all on hold. However, I have some progress shots of the Arwen cardi. Here is the front left side after casting on the sleeve. Does anyone know why this is constructed using the backward loop method instead of a regular cast on? Does it do anything beneficial? It seemed like the points where I cast on for the cable and then again for the sleeve got very loose and sloppy looking, no matter how tightly I pulled the yarn. Also, I didn't like having to break the yarn to cast on for the sleeve- the fewer ends to weave in, the better for me.

I realize this is a pretty dull post, so please enjoy Christopher Walken on this week's SNL at the Walken family reunion:

and as a gardener who is afraid of his plants:



  1. good lord! Now I have an idea what I'll look like when I have a the VERY distant future.

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  3. Hi there
    Sorry, this is unrelated to your post but I need to ask you a question...
    I have a Blogspot site as well, and I was hoping you could tell me how you get the progress bars on your page, the ones you have under the "Between briefs" heading? I'd like to have one on my page too to show off my progress with my projects.
    Thanks for your help!
    Trina (ballatrina on Ravelry - best to reply there I guess - or