Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sesame Cardi was brought to you by the letters F and O

So I've been kind of down on blogging lately since I haven't had anything to really show for myself in ages, and thus, I decided to finish the crap out of my pile of unfinished projects. Voila! I give you the Sesame cardi, which according to Ravelry, I began exactly a year ago:

This may be the last non top-down raglan I make for a loooong time, since I think all the pieces for this sweater were all finished by the end of the summer, and sat around waiting to be seamed for a mere 6 months... Actually, it took so long to finish, I can't even close the bottom three buttons over Baby Stix. You can't tell from the photo, since it turns out that Mr. Stix is pound-erasing genius of a photographer, but the baby belly is getting huge- I have another sweater to show you below, but I couldn't even close a single button, so you'll just have to imagine what it looks like when worn.

I ended up using the polymer clay buttons that I made, since I couldn't really decide on what kind of store-bought buttons to buy. The colors of the new Cotton Ease are bizarre- the charcoal grey goes from looking grey to black to brown, depending on the light, and the taupe ranges from warm to cool, so I couldn't decide if I wanted wood or metal buttons. The ones I made are black and brushed with a dry silver pigment and sealed with a matte clear coat, which ended up giving the same level of variation depending on the lighting.

I'm pretty happy with the way this sweater turned out, with the exception of the shoulder seams where they meet the arm. It looks a little lumpy - any suggestions (for future shoulders) on how to achieve a smooth, rounded seam?

Here is my second finished sweater of the week, the pouf- sleeved cardi from Fitted Knits. This was another super quick knit, dragged out by having to seam like 5 inches worth of sleeves and sewing on a bunch of buttons. How lame is that? As mentioned earlier, I can't fit into this at all right now, so this is the best photo I can do until the summer. It's pretty cute though- I modified the pattern to remove all of the detailing on the bottom few inches and made the purled ends of the sleeves and the body a little shorter.

Check out these cool buttons (if you can see them- sorry about the dark photo). Grandma Stix donated them from her extensive button stash. I love the finish on them- they look so vintage:

Finally, I am 95% finished with the Cashmere Neckwarmer pattern from Yarn Abuse. Mine, however, is make from Paton's Shetland leftover from the Ubernatural cardi- another casualty of my sweater ADD, waiting to have buttons chosen and sewn on.

I leave you with the cradle my parents sent us last week as a gift. We put it together in under 30 minutes and then enlisted Domo to take it for a test drive:

He gave it two thumbs up.


  1. I'm glad to see Domo-kun is finally earning his keep instead of chasing kittens.

    I can't wait for Baby Stix! I'm still trying to figure out what to get the little guy....I promise it will be Stix-friendly.

  2. Surfing over from UCC Ravelers: Not only are those fabulous vintage buttons, but that's a fabu button band! Do feel free to share your projects with the group, so we can all admire them!