Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Crossing the [blog] writers' picket line to bring you this update

First of all, thanks to everyone here and on Ravelry who commented on the wine cozy. I pinky swear to post a pattern sometime soon- I have to figure it out first. Apparently while I was knitting it and making notes on my computer, I managed to not save it (is that still possible??), so I just have to sit down and think it out.

Baby knitting is in full swing over here, now that I am too round to even try on any of the fitted sweaters that I have been working on. I guess I could still go back to the eternal Sesame seaming, but the puff sleeve cardi is definitely on hold for now.

And so, here is what's been going down:

First, check out this kick- ass onesie I got for Xmas:

That's right- our baby will be able to intimidate other babies :)

To match the onesie, I made this hat, from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms, out of the decidedly unnatural Lion Brand acrylics, Vanna's Choice and Pound of Love. Has anyone used Vanna's Choice? It's on the splitty side, but I have to admit, has a nice hand compared to other acrylics.

I think the hat might actually be a little too small, even for a newborn. The pattern says to knit the first 4 rounds using a size 7 needle and then switch to an 8 for the rest, so who knows if this will fit. Whatever. It took something like two hours to make, so making a new one is no problem.

Here is half of the pair of booties I made (sans the drawstring, which I added after taking the picture) out of the Arucania left over from Mr. Stix's skullie.

There's still a small amount of the Arucania left, so I have a little baby sized skullie in the works, but I need to transfer it to some lighter needles. I cast on using a pair that belonged to my grandmother, but they weigh a ton, and are so slippery that stitches keep sliding off. Too stressful for a tiny hat.

Oh, amd in case you were wondering, turns out Baby Stix is going to be a boy :)


  1. Baggi wants to contribute to your knitting with his fur....

    I like the onesie. Thankfully it doesn't have flames on it :)

  2. I was worried there that you weren't going to tell us if it was a boy or girl!

    Boys are good. I was really glad Thomas was a boy, because I figured that a son would never hate me with the passion that a daughter would most certainly hate me with at some point. He'll just hate Sean that much. ;)