Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You buy a bag of peanuts in this town, you get a song written about you...

Small knitted projects that require no finishing are making me really happy this week. Here is a wine cozy I designed and knit up to bring to our friends' holiday party on Saturday. It took no time to make (once I settled on a design, which took the longest amount of time), and was finished after watching Citizen Kane and an afternoon of The Ultimate Fighter marathon.

If the lace pattern looks familiar, that's because it was also used for the Arisaig wrap sweater from Knitty, which I have always wanted to make, but don't think I could handle the time required to knit an entire sweater on #1's and #2's. Maybe someday.

I haven't written up a pattern yet, but I will if anyone is interested. It was a great stashbusting project, requiring less than a half skein of Wool Ease and less than an arm's length of Lion Suede.

The other thing I'm working on this week (along with STILL sewing the sleeves on Sesame- I can't stand it!!) is a blanket for Project Linus. I started a striped garter stitch blanket, but I don't like how it is starting to look, and garter stitch is just way to slow. For some reason, I have this weird thing where I want any blankets that I make to be double sided (thanks for ruining my life, Hoover Blanket), so I thought that garter stitch would be the way to go. Not so when also adding stripes, which I didn't think of until I was about 25 rows in. Grrr. So I'm starting over again...


  1. your hoover blanket commentary made me laugh out loud! let go of the need to make blankets double sided, let go!

  2. I know! It's like a sickness!

  3. I would love to know how you made that wine cozy...it's really pretty.

  4. Cougar111:55 AM

    I would also like the pattern for the wine cozy. I love the stitch pattern, but not on tiny needles for a sweater. It really makes this cozy look elegant! Thank you so much for sharing. ~Tricia