Sunday, November 11, 2007

What's Xmas without the pickle?

Warning: Actual knitting content ahead:

Ok, so this post per day thing isn't exactly going as planned, but, whatever. Here is a really crappy photo of my almost-finished Ubernatural. All that's left is to sew up the sleeves, attach the buttons, and give it a good blocking.

The color in the above photo isn't very accurate- the yarn looks more like this:

The puff sleeved cardi just needs buttons and serious blocking (the bottoms are so curled up that I didn't even want to take a picture of it) and another WIP down. Only about a million to go :)


Xmas is in full swing at Target- lots of ornaments to buy, including the Xmas Pickle! Nice.


  1. Marisol2:04 PM

    Love the sweater! I like neutrals quite a bit. Hey what is behind the Christmas Pickle? Don't think I've heard about this yet.

  2. The Christmas pickle is awesome. Too bad my Target sucks and doesn't even have anything remotely interesting because they always have empty shelves (yet somehow they are the #1 most profitable store).