Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ode to ground and pound

Guess where we were last weekend? That's right- we were at UFC 78! Since the UFC is rarely held on the east coast, we were not going to miss this opportunity. Check out the view from our seats:

We were sitting pretty high up (tickets to these events do not come cheap), but every seat in the Prudential Center seem to be a good seat.

I overcame my normal cheapskated-ness and bought this obnoxious crystal encrusted UFC shirt. Sweet. You can't see it in the photo, but Mr. Stix was wearing the Tapout shirt I bought him for the occasion (the Tapout guys were there at the fight, but we didn't get to meet them or the other fighters there- BJ Penn, Matt Serra, and Rampage Jackson).

Ever wonder what $10 worth of UFC food looks like?

Fries + coke = $10. Eating it while watching Bisping v. Evans= priceless.


BTW- Since not everyone has heard of the Xmas pickle, here is the story as per the Oriental Trading catalogue: "legend says that the pickle was the last ornament placed on the Xmas tree. The first child to find the pickle on Xmas morning was rewarded with an extra gift left by St. Nicholas. This tradition encourages children to appreciate all the beautiful ornaments on the tree, rather than rushing to see what Santa has left for them."

While it's a nice idea and all, I doubt the kids appreciate the other ornaments, and are just rushing to see where the pickle is to get the extra present. Cynical? Little bit. Anyway, I just think a pickle- shaped ornament is hilarious next to all of our other random, non- Xmas related ornaments (think Hello Kitty, Starbucks, and motorcycles).

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  1. Christmas pickle is kinda like the pink submarine you ore like what did the floor say to the christmas tree? -- "I can see your balls"

    Like floor says, hey christmas tree - i can see your pickle.

    MEAM look: