Saturday, November 03, 2007

My McNugget wore a snorkel

We went to a party last night held at a pop culture museum. The collection was completely random and amazing- everything from comic books to antique toys to antique food containers. I thought the best thing was that everything in the museum was stuff everyone could have actually owned. Nothing was expensive, unattainable artwork or the like- it was just stuff. In a few rooms, we just walked around pointing and saying, "I had that!"

One of those things, embarassingly enough, was the Princess Diana paper doll book. I loved the clothes in this book as a little girl. How could you not, when every outfit (including jeans with a button down plaid shirt) was accessorized with a diamond tiara?

They also had Ovaltine Little Orphan Annie products (think Ralphie in A Christmas Story), an official Beatles mop top wig, a complete set of McDonald's McNugget toys (I had the one with the snorkel) and a Charlie's Angels hair care kit for girls. Sweet.

The thing that struck me the most was how you often hear today that all the marketing targeted towards little children is so harmful, yet most of the toys and products from the 40's onward were all blatently sponsored. It's not this new phenomenon like the media makes it out to be. "Drink more Ovaltine?? Awww...."

*by the way, the McNugget picture is not from the museum- that was complete with the display that would have been on the counter at McDonald's.

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  1. I completely forgot about the chicken mcnuggets toys! what a blast from the past....