Thursday, September 06, 2007

I love you, trans fat. You make the fried twinkie a reality.

Geez, I didn't mean to be away from the blogosphere for so long...

School started up again- this semester I'm taking Administrative Law, Federal Income Tax, Constitutional Criminal Procedure, and Alternative Dispute Resolution. It's incredible how a summer break of less than 1 month spoils you.

I started a new sweater (yes, I know, I have a very serious case of start-itis, but there's a really good reason!) last week and it has been pushed to the front of the WIP line. Since the pouf sleeved cardi from Fitted Knits is a short sleeved sweater, I figure there is probably only another 6 weeks left of wearability, assuming I finish it this week. Hence, it needs to be finished ASAP. I don't have any pictures to post yet, since it's all bunched up on a fairly short circular, but I can tell you about it :) I'm using Zara superwash merino in a cozy olive color, but haven't chosen any buttons for it yet. Do you think I should try to pick out a colored button, or should I just go for clear? Or is that cheesy?

We dropped into our local Renaissance Fair last weekend. I've never been to one before- the closest I'd ever been was making a fool of myself on multiple occasions at
Medieval Times. It was so much fun- we dressed up in some old Halloween costumes (I have to admit that my corset top is just a regular shirt out of my closet) and met up with some of our friends.

The food was really good- I had some steak on a stake, fried Twinkie (greatest invention ever), and Mr. Stix had this fried fish on a croissant. Mmmm...

Jack Sparrow showed up too (check out Ye Olde Pepsi- they were the sponsor of the festival- does anyone else find that annoying?) and this dude was hard-core.

Here I am throwing axes at targets, trying to get them to stick in the wall. I couldn't get any of them in, but Mr. Stix got one. He had to throw next to this crazy guy who was some kind of professional axe thrower or something. All of his axes went into his target, and then he started to throw axes into all the other players' targets at this rapid fire pace. It was like a machine gun, if the gun was made of a blur of arms and axes.

By the way, I still don't have any ideas for Halloween costumes- it's already September and I'm completely blank. Any ideas??


  1. Very cool!! Last year was my first year there and I had so much fun! Did you see the Fiber Hut? Anyway, we are going again tomorrow, and this year I'm dressing up too!! I just finished sewing my costume yesterday.

  2. Fried twinkies.... yum!

    I can't wait to see your puff sleeve cardi. I'm almost done with mine too!