Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Would you like a boost? It's free...

Cake day weekend was a smashing success! We went to a baseball game Friday night and although our team lost, it was still a lot of fun. On Saturday, we went into the city and saw Wicked on Broadway. It was fantastic. I'm sort of on the fence about musicals, because I either really like them or really hate them- I'm never just like, eh. However, I thought Wicked was pretty inventive in its use of special effects/ lighting/ set design and the way the plot intertwines with The Wizard of Oz. We picked up the cd during the intermission- well, actually Mr. Stix bought it on the sly during intermission, while I was on the world's longest line to the ladies room. My house has more bathrooms than the Gershwin Theatre- something is not right...

After the theatre, we walked down Broadway and ended up at the Hershey store. We didn't end up buying this giant syrup bottle, but we did pick up some gigantic Elvis-themed Reese's cups- peanut butter and banana creme. Mmmmm. Oh, and officially, they were King Size.

Mr. Stix also wanted to try Jamba Juice after we saw that Natalie Portman skit from SNL, ("How are YOU doing??" ) but unlike the overly energetic balls of energy we expected them to be, the employees were the most mellow people I have ever seen. Maybe they don't drink the juice, or maybe they drink them sans boost, but man, they looked ready for naps. Mr. Stix, on the other hand, looks like he could run a marathon:

Someone wanted to stop by Rockafeller Center:

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that and a new orange Uglydoll came to live with us on my cake day. So cute.


  1. Anonymous1:22 AM

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  2. sounds like a fab cake day vaca! wicked is awesomely fantastic. i am pretty skeptical about broadway shows, but was pleasantly surprised at the twist of the story and the creativity of the staging.

  3. i saw wicked with my cousins, and it was really great! happy cake day!

  4. Marisol11:27 AM

    Nice outing indeed. That play Wicked intrigued me --they are showing it LA also where we just came from.

    Nice little ugly doll family you got there...Its growing:)