Friday, July 06, 2007

Professor Snape is slowing my knitting progress...

Project time is becoming scarcer lately, what with everything else I'm trying to get finished over the summer. I just finished painting one of our rooms and it will be all done after I get around to putting the furniture back... oh yeah, I have to finish painting some of that furniture. Nothing major, just spray painting a couple of things white- it's just been really humid here lately, and I'm waiting for a nice day. Or some other reason besides - I keep forgetting.

My other big time - sucker (besides Ravelry) is that I'm attempting to finish all of the Harry Potter books before #7 comes out this month. The catch is that I hadn't read any of them prior to last month, and today I am only up to page 81 in Goblet of Fire. I know, I'm super late to the party, but hey, I can still join in now!

There has been a little time for knitting here and there- here is the Gingham Cosmetics Bag from Holiday Knits. I'm using Sugar n' Cream in brown, pink, and cream and I also used size 8 & 10 needles. The solid brown area in the photo is actually the lining of the bag, which will be folded inside of the gingham part later on. Pretty cool so far, except this is my first real attempt at fair isle and in certain spots you can definitely tell. There is a top flap that folds over and buttons, which I intended to leave off and just add a zipper, but now I think I have to add it after all just to hide all of the mistakes.

Here's the progress on the Airy Wrap- I finished the second sleeve last night and now it's on to the front pieces.


  1. I'm having the same issue...I'm rereading the 5th book before the movie comes out and the 6th before the next book is out. Go you, reading all of them!

  2. I love your gingham bag! Great color choices.

  3. I love the bag & your wrap looks awesome!

    Welcome to the party! I hope you can finish it up before next week. I re-read all the books recently too (though sadly I'm a big enough dork that I've read some of them 7 times now).