Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cake day is marching inexorably closer...

Before I talk about anything else, I have to show off my new shoes:

These are the coolest shoes in the history of the world. They're like Mini-Coopers for your feet. It's kind of hard to see, but there are little jeweled crowns on them! Mr. Stix bought them for me as an early birthday gift (this is the last time I will refer to that day as a birthday since I'm only 1 year away from turning 30- from now on, it's "cake day") after I told him that if I didn't get them I would die. After leaving the store, I thanked him and he said, "the decision to buy them was easy." "Why?" I asked. "Because you were going to die." He gets it. :)

My other early cake day gift was Charmed Knits- the ultimate in nerdliness for knitters. Sweet.

I finished up the gingham part of the gingham cosmetics bag, but I can't go any further until I do some serious blocking. The lining, despite being knit on needles two sizes smaller and 5 stitches smaller around, is a little too bulky to fit inside the gingham. I'll have to stretch the exterior out a fair bit, but I think it will look awesome once it's done. The bottom seam looks great- three needle bind off, so it was impossible to mess it up. Depending on how everything looks post-blocking, I might be able to sew that zipper in after all. Hopefully I can find one in the right size...

BTW- I still have like 1200 Harry Potter pages to read before the new book comes out in 9 days. Crap. I'd have to quit my job to finish it in time.


  1. happy early cake day! loveloveLOVE the shoes.

    and don't rush the HP. savor it so you can come up with theories! that's half the fun! ^_^

  2. ahaha...cute. your shoes. because you would DIE. hahaa!!! :)

    get the audio book! then you can knit, too :) :) :)

  3. Those shoes are awesome!!!

    Audio book is a great idea! Don't sweat it if you don't finish in time but do avoid the spoilers! There is nothing worse!!!