Saturday, June 16, 2007

You wanna hug it out?

I've been such a bad blogger lately- it's been two weeks! Don't worry though- I'm fine. I've just been hiding out:

I had some bad luck last week with my crappy stash yarn- I really wanted to start on the Fitted Knits Airy Wrap Sweater after seeing Leah's lovely version, but I'm still trying to destash acrylic from the early days (AKA 06) and pulled out some TLC baby sport weight. After a few inches, I realized that the yarn was defective- it was continually breaking and just looked cheap. I threw it away and staked out the Michael's and AC Moore looking for something decent. No such luck. I'm irritated too because AC Moore used to sell some quality stuff (remember my clapotis? That yarn was from there and only about $5/ skein!) and now they seemed to have purged everything from their stock that isn't generic lion brand or red heart. Bleh. I finally went to a LYS with little hope of finding something affordable, but Mr. Stix ended up treating me to 1000 yards of undyed worsted weight alpaca. Check it out:

I'm sitting here determined to watch all three seasons of Entourage on DVD this weekend. Nothing like setting goals...


  1. Do you go to other places to buy your yarn? Have you tried Woolworks on falls road -

    Here's another website that lists all the fabric or yarn stores by city..

  2. entourage is RIDICULOUSLY good. i'm only up to the second season though. did you make it in time for this weekend's premiere?

  3. Your airy wrap is looking great! What a nice DH you have to treat you to that yarn! I bet it's scrumptious!!! :)