Sunday, June 03, 2007

just shrug it off

As promised, here are some pics of the Fitted Shrug:

Just a few ends to weave in and it'll be good to go. It didn't do a whole lot for whittling down my year's supply of yarn- it only used up (not even) two skeins of Wool Ease. Hmmm...

Still working on Sesame- just a couple more rows of the button band to go!


  1. It's so cute!! Just perfect for this time of year too. Sorry it didn't take more yarn - although usually that's a good thing (unless you're trying to stash-bust . . . I am too!)

  2. Whaaa? When did you get a haircut?

  3. It's adorable!! I did get some stashbusting done with mine (I got rid of two random skeins of malabrigo). I suppose you'll just have to knit one for every day of the week to really stashbust! ;)

  4. ooh, cute shrug! And don't feel bad about the year's supply of yarn that you're not denting. I just received a box containing a year's supply of yarn to add to my already mounting supply in my closet. So you're not alone.