Friday, June 01, 2007

Just put the pizza in that spare piano box...

So we took a trip to Jersey this week - I did the following: eat pizza, knit, more pizza, watch UFC (h0w could Chuck Liddell lose to a guy who howls like a wolf???), Sopranos & Entourage (which I'd never seen before, and now I'm hooked), and yes, more pizza. Am I some sort of pizza freak? Perhaps, but let me show you the beauty of Jersey pizza:

Look at the size of this thing- the box was so big it was blank (ie. sans red and green graphics), like there's no printing press big enough to handle it.

Knitting- I finished the shrug from Fitted Knits on Monday, and will post a picture tomorrow. I also am almost finished with the Sesame cardi. All that's left is the button band and a lot of seaming.

Here's a little dishcloth that was finished on Tuesday:

It's destined to be gifted in one of those cool takeout containers from Michael's...

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  1. Marisol2:36 PM

    O.K. That Pie looks pretty yummy! I just got hungry I think:) Its close to noon out here in CA.

    I'll be back tomorrow to take a looksy at the sweaters:)

    Great idea about the take out box and the dishcloth:)