Monday, June 18, 2007

Anyone have an unwanted bookmobile?

First things first, ***I got my Ravelry invite today!!! Yay!!!****** I'm trying to figure out how to use it, so it may take me a while to upload my projects.

Anyway, on to regular business:

So I've been trying to not only downsize my yarn supply this summer but also de-clutter my house of useless crap. My goal for the summer is to finish painting our guest room (which I started about 2 weeks ago and only have about 20% of the walls to go. Oh, and the trim and doors, too...) once the temperature goes down a little, and to transform my now rarely used office into a more craft-friendly room where my sewing machine can fulfill its life's purpose. So far, I have cleaned bags of junk out of the office, organized the yarn into 4 Ikea baskets, and sorted out a box of books that I no longer want.

The majority of the box consisted of old undergrad textbooks, and the remainder were free paperbacks that had been picked up with the best of intentions but the worst actual follow through (ie, never made it past the cover before sticking it on the shelf for the next 6 years). I decided to donate the box to this organization downtown that collects and offers free books. It is run solely by volunteers and with the philosophy that no one should be denied being able to own books because they can't afford them.

Anyway, I haven't been there in a few years, so I printed out directions. I drove all the way down there, following the directions, and found myself in a pretty rough neighborhood. I guess they must have moved their operation a couple of miles away from the original site. When I am about to turn onto the street where the place was located, I realized that this wasn't even a street. It was a dead end alleyway. There are no women anywhere in sight for blocks, just random men walking around all over the place. I didn't feel comfortable to turn down the alley or get out of the car, so I turned around and went home.

I felt really bad that I never made the donation, but I realize that I have to keep myself safe if I get a weird feeling about something. I'm not sure what to do with the books now. Any suggestions?

PS- I'm so bummed out- I completely missed my 2 year blogiversary last week on the twelfth! Grrrr- well, to compensate for that complete oversight, I am going to celebrate this, my 200th post instead.


  1. I think you absolutely did the right thing. If your gut tells you something might be safe, always always always listen. I'd rather be paranoid than in danger. Can you check with your local library and see if they are taking book donations? How about Goodwill or Salvation Army - I'm not sure if they take books, but maybe.

    Hurray for your Ravelry invite!!! I've got you in my friends list. :) And happy bologiversary and happy 200th post!!

  2. Hi Kym!

    Saw your blog via Ravelry. I just got my invite a few days ago and it couldn't come at a better time as I am also in the midst of downsizing my yarn as part of the house declutter.

    I like the book organization that collects book. I should see if there's anything like that in Toronto.

    Anyway, great site...good luck with your de-cluttering.

  3. BTW - I've donated books to Goodwill and they've always accepted them.

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  5. Marisol12:13 PM

    Goodwill always takes them... and then there is your local library.

  6. There's also Very handy, and you can get some more books to read, too!

    The used textbooks are probably out of date (new editions are published so quickly now), so they may not be of much use to any students. But an armchair scholar might pick them up at goodwill!