Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Procrastinators are pro-birds

So this is kind of weird- I have this thing about outside Xmas decorations, in that, well... I don't like them. They're nice for other people, but it's just not my bag. I don't really like climbing up on ladders when it's really cold outside, and that sort of thing. I did, however, agree to one of those nice simple wreaths that hang on the front door. Ours was hanging up (yes, still! Our fake trees are still up in the living room too!) and when Mr. Stix left for work today, he discovered that there was a little bird's nest tucked into it. How cute is that? We also have a little nest from last year that is still up in our front tree. I hope another bird family moves into it. It's nice to see them hanging out and doing bird things when you walk outside.

Moral of the story- procrastinate when it comes to taking down Xmas decorations because it means one less bird family will be sans nest come spring.


  1. That is so cool!! It's like a community service for the birds! :)