Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pink pod people

How sweet and thoughtful is Mr. Stix?? He came home today and surprised me with a super cool and super pink present for me- an iPod Shuffle! I've been making a big deal lately about wanting to get a Shuffle, since it would be nice to have at school (especially when people are being loud and annoying in the library or before class or whatever) or any time I'm feeling a little musical. However, I've been dragging my feet on buying one because I don't know anything about iTunes or using any related programs. I'm so out of the loop. So far I've learned how to load music from cd's, but that's it. I'm sure I could devote plenty of time to searching for cool music on iTunes, but that is for another day. Does anyone have any iPod tips for me?

Look how tiny it is! That is a tiny keychain UglyDoll for scale!

Thank you so so so much, my sweet husband!


  1. iPods and iShuffles are soooo easy to use. You don't need any tips.

    Were you really serious about not knowing how to use iTunes? Bwa ha ha! Even GAMERA and BAGGI know how to use it.

    We got one for my dad and I think he loaded it up with the Carpenters and hip/hop. Seriously.

  2. Marisol1:44 PM

    Wow-super nice giftie! Congratulations you should have loads of fun with this. I am not IPOD saavy --sorry I can't help:)