Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I finally found my Lisa Loeb CD.

So I have nothing of crafting interest to show you because, as you may have guessed, the semester is coming to a close and there is no time for that sort of thing now. Beh! It truly is the worst time of year, fun-wise, since the weather is finally warming up and there are lots of outdoor activities for free people. I have to miss the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival again this year- sucks!

Anyway, since I'm sure you don't feel like listening to me continue to bitch, here is what I did for Earth Day 2007:

1. I finally went out to buy recycling bins. Our state doesn't require you to recycle, and to be honest, I haven't done so since I parted ways from my last roommate (who had the bins set up and would drive them to the center) about three years ago. I think my busy schedule was always a convenient excuse for not being more conscious of things like conservation and recycling- I need to get out of that habit.

2. I bought Mr. Stix a new soup bowl for work after he told me he usually nuked his lunch in disposable bowls every day.

3. I wanted to finish Lisa's shopping bag, but I kinda sorta fell asleep really early on the night I was going to do that...

4. I don't like the idea of spraying harsh chemicals all over our house, and I've used Simple Green for years, but it SMELLS. Yuck. It's kind of like a menthol type scent- really annoying, because you always have to light a candle after cleaning, so I scouted out some alternatives. Apparently, Borax is a highly effective natural cleaner that you can mix with water and lemon juice in a spray bottle to disinfect (and if mixed at a higher concentration, you can strip paint of the floor. Weird.). Vinegar also kills 99% of bacteria and supposedly the stinkiness fades quite quickly when diluted with water and sprayed. This weekend, I will hopefully find a store that sells Borax and make our house spic & span.

I know these aren't huge steps or anything, but it made me feel really good to do something. I'm looking forward to researching more things that will make our home less wasteful. Any suggestions?


  1. Why don't you use Method cleaning products? They're great and natural. And they smell pretty damn peachy keen as well! You can buy them at Target. Here's the site:


  2. Urm...you fell asleep making my bag? There won't be any magical drool crystals, I hope...

  3. I think those are all good ways to get started!

    There are also great cleaning products made by 7th generation.


    I also like to carry one of these collapsable grocery bags with me.


    I keep a ton of them in my car for grocery days but I like to keep one in my purse so I don't have to take a bag at the pharmacy or target.

  4. i'm not sure where she orders it from, but i could find out if you want... my mom uses a ton of AMAZING natural cleaning producs. My favorite is Caldrea. the sweet pea countertop cleaner, the lavender dish soap, the citrus all-purpose cleaner... makes me so HAPPY!

    oh, and that countertop cleaner? cuts. through. ANYTHING.