Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ape arms are a hot item for spring

So I'm a little nervous that the arms on my Sesame Cardi are going to make me look like some kind of Neanderthal or something. The pattern says to work the sleeves until they are 20.5" and then start the arm hole shaping. However, you also have to match the stripe pattern, which made my sleeve 24". I know the cuffs fold back, but I'm still concerned :) Oh well- I guess the worst case scenario is that I won't have to wear gloves when I have the sweater on...

I saw the most incredible documentary the other night, So Much So Fast, on Frontline. It's the story of Stephen Heywood, who was diagnosed with ALS at age 29, and given a life expectancy of about 5 years. Because ALS is a fairly rare disease, it does not have the research funding or manpower of major drug companies (who are busy working on the next Viagra) to find new treatments. The film follows Stephen and his family for about two years. In this short time, Stephen's two brothers and best friends quit their jobs and found the ALS Therapy Development Foundation, in a race to develop new drugs in time to save his life. You watch Stephen rapidly decline into almost complete paralysis, but he never loses his sense of humor or his will to live and watch his son grow. The family is extremely adaptable considering the circumstances- they still travel abroad, visit the beach, and play video games, with various technologies that allow Stephen to still take part in the fun. If you can't see it on tv, just wait about a week and it will be available for viewing on the Frontline website. Check it out- you won't be disappointed.

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  1. Marisol2:57 PM

    Oohhh it sound like the end is near... We may see Sesame next week:) I know what you mean about the sleeves... I went over board on my poppy sleeves too and was pretty nervous until I decided to stitch the armhole about 1/2 to one inch deeper to bring up the length of the sleeve. It worked out in the end.

    Isn't amazing how human beings can adapt to their circumstances under the worst of conditions... When you realize that there is nothing more important that the people you love. The order of things should be: Your Creator, then your Family, then your job, then your friends or something like that.