Sunday, March 11, 2007

Paper! Snow! A ghost! **

Thanks for your kind words and condolences. The whole thing really had me shaken last week- the last time my friend and I had been in contact was when I got engaged. I figured she was one of those friends that you could always meet up with again after a long time and nothing had changed. It made me realize that you shouldn't let that kind of time go by, because you just never know.

Anyway, I continued to work on the Sesame cardi, and I just finished the right front section. This isn't the greatest view, since the sides are rolling underneath, but you get the idea.

I'm also working on a little mystery pattern that I am going to submit to Knitty. I just thought of it last week and the summer issue's deadline is coming up, so hopefully I can finish it in time. If I get rejected, then I'll post it here as a free pattern. If not, then cool :)

I picked up Fitted Knits this week and I am dying to finish some WIPs so I can start on some of the patterns. Stefanie Japel is so talented- I can't believe she can come up with so many designs and knit up the sample on top of having a full time job. Amazing. I'll probably start with the shrug (I really like how Leah's came out), so I can use up some of the large quantity of Wool Ease taking up space in our house.

By the way, if you get a chance, check out last week's UFC title fight between Randy Couture and Tim Sylvia. It was UNBELIEVABLE. Why? Because Randy retired last year at age 43 after losing a second time to light heavyweight champ Chuck Liddel. So what does he do? He returns to the octagon as a heavyweight and beats the crap out of the highly- overrated, 7' tall goon Tim Sylvia, becoming the new champion. This was a great fight- not a dull moment.

**One of my favorite Friends scenes:
[On the game show Pyramid, Joey's partner Gene gets the word "cream".]
Gene: You put this in your coffee.
Joey: A spoon! Your hands! Your face!
Gene: It's white.
Joey: Paper! Snow! A ghost!
Gene: It's heavier than milk.
Joey: A rock! A dog! The earth!
Gene: Pass!


  1. Aw Thanks!! That shrug is a great stash buster!

    Sesame is looking really nice! I've always liked that pattern.

    Oh & a knitty submission! I can't wait to see! I hope you get in!

  2. Marisol7:19 PM

    Very nice sweater. Good luck with the pattern - I can't wait the secret project is.... I guess I'll have to be patient until after the knitty decisions are made:)