Thursday, March 01, 2007

Nostalgia- part II

**sorry, this is an image heavy post**

Here are some more photos from our honeymoon that I thought were cool- here is pH deciphering the [replica] Rosetta stone at the British Museum:

The biggest fist I've ever seen:

This is the chateau where we stayed while in France. pH taught me how to drive a stick shift in the driveway :)

This is the church in Sainte Marie Eglise- during D-Day, they dropped American paratroopers over the town, and one soldier ended up getting stuck on the steeple (he ended up being captured by the Germans). There is a memorial to him on the church:

It was a pretty cute little town; actually all of the D-Day towns were adorable and didn't seem like they had changed at all since the war.

Here are some of the Assyrian sculptures in the Louvre:

And... the Venus de Milo. This sculpture was stunning in person. The stone had almost a glow to its surface, and the fabric was so realistic.

Oh yeah, and I'm still working on Sesame- I'm about to start the neck shaping...

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