Sunday, March 25, 2007

Girls gone crafty: Spring break edition

So I spent my spring break doing research paper, uh... research, and working on the Sesame cardi and buttons. I looked at a book on polymer clay and it said that if you put a little tin foil tent over the clay while it bakes, it will prevent it from scorching/ smoking/ stinking up the house. What the book didn't tell you, however, is that if you use the foil, you have to double the curing time.

Here is the first set that I made last week (the smelly batch):

They are made from silver clay with silver pigment dry-brushed on top for a little more depth. I think they look pretty good for a first attempt, if I do say so myself.

Here is a very crappy photo of the second batch that I made today. These are made of black clay with silver pigment and have a really pretty, aged silver look. I'll try to remember to post a better photo after these have been sealed and laid out on the table.


  1. How cool that you are making your own buttons. Now I want to run out and get some polymer clay to play with!!

  2. Very cool buttons! I would never have thought to do that myself!!