Monday, February 05, 2007

Weird NJ

Today was eventful, though not in an exciting way. Before class I got stuck in the elevator in the law library. I wasn't even freaked out, as I assumed I would be, since I'm not a big fan of elevators. In reality, I felt like the biggest idiot, like if they have to dismantle the door to get me out or something, I'll be "the girl who got stuck in the elevator" for the next 2 years. Luckily, after using the little red emergency phone, the security guy came with the magic elevator key to let me out. Five minutes, tops. No big deal.

What happened next in one of my classes, was a big deal. Our professor, who is the chief judge of the highest court in our state, made a disparaging remark about Italians from NJ. The case we were reading involved a mob situation, and it was in a NJ court. When reviewing the facts of the case, the professor literally said, "now do you see what's going on here? The defendant's last name ends in a vowel, and the case was prosecuted in the circuit court of NJ..." People automatically hummed affirmatively, while others called out, "mafia!"

WTF? Are you kidding me? I can tell you with complete honesty that my last name is Italian, I am originally from NJ, and my family is not a bunch of mobsters. The fact that this still comes up in a room of educated people, from a person who decides the outcome of lives every day, distresses me. Why can't people seperate the movies from reality? The Sopranos, for example, is not a show about the average NJ Italian family. Are the characters Italian? yes. Are they in the mob? yes. Are all Italians in the mob? NO.

So frustrating.

Anyway, Kristine at Strung Out tagged me for the 6 weird things about me meme. Here are 4 for now:

1. I'm really competitive about the free throw basketball game at the boardwalk. If I lose, I will play over and over until I can barely lift my arms.

2. I own every episode of Friends and Sex and the City on DVD and have seen them all dozens of times. When they first came out, I would rent the entire season and watch it straight through on a weekend.

3. I love cake. I am always up for it, no matter how much I eat, or how full I become, during a meal. We like to think I have an extra "cake stomach," the way cows have extra stomachs. :)

4. I have a long and glorious history of clumsiness in public. You already know this from last months post, where I kept falling at work, but here's the original story from 3rd grade. It was chicken nugget day in the cafeteria, and I was walking from the lunch line to my table in my cool 80's slouchey boots (this was 1985), when I skidded on the waxed gym floor and went flying, along with all the nuggets. Red faced and mortified, I went back to the lunch line and told them that I had dropped my lunch. They gave me another one and I walked very carefully back to my table, except that I put the tray only half way on the table top as I climbed over the bench seat. In slow motion, it teetered and fell onto the floor. Feeling really stupid (and hungry), I went back to the lunch line again. The lunch lady was like, you dropped it again???


  1. I can't believe that teacher/judge. So pathetic. I'm Italian too - but my grandfather was a FLORIST!! And a real florist, not a floral business that covered up money laundering or anything. Come on, get a clue. I liked your Chicken Nugget story - but it made me kind of sad . . . . I hope you weren't too embarrassed.

  2. Ah hypocricy. You teach students that they should be objective in the court of law and yet a certain judge/instructor instead furthers stereotypes and subjects it on to his students. Too bad you didn't have a tape recorder. He deserves to wake up to a dead bird on his pillow or car window. Or perhaps a dead mousie in a glove compartment.

    In a lighter note, I do love stories about your clumsiness. The chicken nuggets were CLASS!

  3. Man that does suck! I really love your new tag for that kind of mess! What a great way to sum it up!

  4. that really stinks about your professor (and my name ends in a vowel, too.) i was trying to think up an excuse -- like sarcasm or something? -- but there's no excuse.
    i know every friends by heart, too, and i'm working on satc.