Saturday, February 03, 2007

stating the obvious

So I think it's reasonable to believe that if you are going to dye lot your yarn, you should assign a new number to each batch. I mean, otherwise, there is no point to the dye lot number, right? Well, apparently, the people at Lion Brand don't think so. I've spent the past two weeks working on the City Coat. After knitting up two whole skeins of Homespun (in garter stitch- slooow going) out of the original four, I realized that the other skeins I recently purchased were completely different. Not only was the color different, but the texture was different too. They have the same lot numbers- what the hell?

I decided to just start over again (any suggestions for something to make from the original two skeins??) in black because the Edwardian colorway ended up having some weird pooling. I went to Michael's to exchange everything and get 7 new skeins of black. However, they only had 6 in one dyelot and 4 in the other. Again, they both were labeled with the same lot number. Agggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. I'm going to modify the pattern slightly so it's smaller and shorter. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't run out...

I ordered some Lion Cotton Ease from Discount Yarn Sale and ended up getting a pretty good deal. Six skeins for $20, but I think the shipping was a little high at $8.95. Still, it was ten bucks cheaper than any other website, and for some reason, it wasn't being carried at any of the JoAnn's, Michael's or AC Moore near us. I'm going to start the Sesame sweater next in black and grey stripes. I liked the one on Lolly's site so much that I have to have one. I promise, the next thing I cast on after Sesame will be from one of my Xmas books :)

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