Wednesday, February 14, 2007

my snowy valentine

This is the second Valentine's Day that pH and I have been snowed in. The first time was 4 years ago- we took a weekend trip to Colonial Williamsburg (my idea- what a nerd!) and had so much fun on Friday and Saturday. We walked around the town, walked by the College of William & Mary, ate in some really good restaurants (some colonial, some not), and stayed in a really cute bed & breakfast. On Sunday, we had planned to leave anyway, but not before doing a little more sightseeing/ shopping. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans, because there was an ice storm during the night. We decided to leave after breakfast- when we went out to pack up the car, there was literally 1/4" ice frozen on it. I think it was tough to get into the car, much less warm it up.

On the drive home, we hit the giant noreaster that blanketed the East Coast with 18" of snow. Luckily we have an SUV, so we didn't get stuck, but it was scary. Cars on either side of us were just driving off the side of the highway and getting stuck in the snow. Hours later, we made it back to my apartment and ended up getting snowed in for two days. Adventure!

Today we got to enjoy a little snow day too. My car is so light that it's kind of lame in the snow and ice. After getting out of the driveway with no problem, pH went to put my car in the driveway, and it promptly got stuck on like, a single snowflake. My work ended up closing today, so I went in with pH for a couple of hours to his office.

I brought my new knitting bag ($10 at AC Moore!):

Check out the inside- plenty of room for 3 projects and a book:

I think I need to get some of those point protector things so I don't poke holes in the bag. That's really why the book is in there. Any suggestions on either cheap or really cool point protectors?

We had a nice relaxing evening at home, complete with video games and British comedy.

Check out the awesome flowers pH sent to my office yesterday:

I don't know what that type of flower is called, but my co-worker had some on her desk and they are huge when they open. Look how cute the vase is- pH picked it out because he knew I'd be a sucker for pink and red polka dots :) So sweet!

By the way, check out how turtle pimped out my desk is- on the right is the turtle calender I received for Xmas, next to it is some weird ad from the newspaper that says, "Next time you see a turtle on a fence post, you know he didn't get there by himself," (what does that mean?) and behind the flowers is a wooden turtle puzzle that my coworker gave me. Not in the photo are several turtle products that we happen to sell. People must think I'm crazy-turtle-girl when they walk by.

By the way, Howard Stern announced on his show today that he proposed to his girlfriend. He's been telling us for seven years that it would never happen. Never has arrived. Next he'll be announcing kids...


  1. The flowers are stargazer lillies. They are my favorite - they smell so fantastic!

  2. Yup, they are lilies and so pretty. When they open, carefully pull off those pollen thingies before they touch the center and pollinate the flower - that will make it last longer. (But be careful, it's really messy!!)

  3. Cute bag & lovely flowers!!!

  4. Marisol1:28 PM

    Stargazers is correct! They are my all time favorites too! Cool bag!

  5. They're super pretty lilies, just be sure NOT to accidently brush by the stamens if you're wearing a white shirt. I was at work once and didn't realize until later that the orange streaks across my arm, tummy, and sides were from my flowers.