Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm getting nostalgic

I'm sitting here watching Globetrekker, and it just so happens to be the episode on England and Wales that inspired pH and I to plan our honeymoon. I had never been outside the US before, so I was pretty much open to everything. We ended up traveling from London to Portsmouth to the Normandy region of France to Paris.

If you haven't learned by now, we are big history/ museum geeks. Here's a basic rundown of what we visited (also, the links have lots of pictures- I think Blogger would die if I tried to post all of this stuff):


First stop- Starbucks :)
Westminster Abbey
Tower of London
Buckingham Palace
Millennium Wheel
British Museum (home of the Rosetta Stone)
Tower Bridge
Carnaby Street
and we ate lots of fish & chips and some Cornish Pasties. Mmm...

HMS Victory
Portsmouth historic dockyards

D-Day beaches
St. Malo
Mont St. Michel
Bayeux - home of the Bayeux tapestry
Eiffel Tower
Les Invalides
French Armory Museum
Sacre Coeur
Moulin Rouge
Notre Dame
Musee d'Orsay
Le Louvre
Les Halles

I can't really describe how I felt while we were overseas, except amazed and overwhelmed. Everything was so beautiful- the craftsmanship on the old buildings and castles was so intricate and in near perfect shape after hundreds of years.

We took over 2 GB of pictures, spread over 6 different memory cards :) Here's a few- I promise to show more.

Check out the ceiling and carved wood panels in Westminster Abbey:

This is kind of random, but I thought this was really cool- in the London parks, instead of hard park benches, they had these fabric lawn chairs. The parks were incredibly clean and you didn't see any signs of vandalism. I thought that was such a nice change from parks here- you could never have a nice lawn chair in the parks without someone walking off with it. It also seemed really nice that the parks were really set up as a place for people to gather with friends and just relax. London's pace was faster than I expected- it seemed even faster than NYC, but it seemed like once the work day was over, people were ready to kick back and leave work at the office.

We took the train down to Portsmouth, which is on the southern coast of England. It's where the Battle of Trafalgar took place, and sometimes they re-create it at night using fireworks to recreate the bombs. So cool. They didn't do the recreation while we were there, but we saw it on tv.

This is the HMS Victory, the oldest ship in the Royal Navy- it's still commissioned, even though it is sitting in dry dock:

We took a ferry across the channel to northern France and explored most of the D-Day beaches. Here I am in one of the bomb craters at Utah Beach:

Here is Mr. Stix in front of one of the Utah bunkers:

We also drove out to Mont St. Michel, which is an ancient monastary on top of an island hilltop. When the tide comes in, the water covers the parking lot where we were standing:

BTW, not only did Clapotis come with us, but so did the Saturday Market Bag :)

Traveling was so much fun- I feel so lucky that I was able to go to all of these places. Hopefully, we'll be able to go on more trips abroad. There are so many places I want to see, I don't even know which one I would put at the top of the list. I'd also love to go back to the UK and France- there are so many more places to see, just in those two countries! Thanks pH, for the best honeymoon ever!!


  1. Ummmm...next trip should be Italy!!!

  2. Marisol1:10 PM

    Wow my dear! That is an awesome honeymoon! I can see why you would be so nostalgic! Very nice photos:)