Sunday, February 04, 2007

Guess he showed us

Apparently, Peyton Manning can win the big game. Pretty good game, but not as good as the buffalo chicken pizza I made for our snacking pleasure. I used one of those Rachael Ray 30 minute recipes (which, by the way, can not be made in 30 minutes. Did you know she doesn't count prep, such as slicing up the vegetables, in the 30 minutes?), but altered it slightly.

You will need:

1 lb chicken thighs, skinned
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp Grill mates Montreal Steak spice
2 tbsp hot sauce
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 tbsp butter
crumbled blue cheese
shredded Monterey jack cheese
14 oz canned tomato sauce
premade pizza crust
3 sliced scallions

Brush chicken thighs with olive oil and cover each side with Grill mates. In a skillet over high heat, cook for 3-4 minutes on each side, until cooked through. Cut the chicken into bite sized pieces and discard bones. Set aside.

In medium sauce pan, melt butter over medium heat and add the hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce and tomato sauce. When the sauce has come to a boil, reduce heat to low. Add the chicken and stir to coat. Cover and simmer for 1hour.

Preheat oven according to directions on pizza crust package. Top crust with chicken and sauce, cheeses and scallion.

Bake for approximately 10 minutes, or until crisp.

Mmmmmmmmm.... oh yeah, it serves 4.


After yesterday's frustration with the City Coat, I decided to pull a really old project out of the box. Like the Phoenix, the Vintage Cami rose from the ashes and after 1 day, I almost have the back finished:

Sorry about the crappy picture. I was trying to stretch it out using my elbows and take the picture at the same time. Not easy :)

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  1. ugh, that game still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. rex grossman = garbage.
    maybe i should make some buffalo chicken pizza.
    what is up with bloglines!? seriously, it's effing up the convenience of reading all my blogs in one place. do you have the same problem where some subscriptions have magically disappeared? grrr..