Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Why the mouse was invented

Imagine if you will, a girl sitting down to her computer to finally choose the 50 photos out of over 800 that will go into her wedding album. She pores over the choices for a long, long time. When she finally begins filling in the online photo selection form for her photographer and is about 40% finished, she accidentally applies a little too much pressure (in the wrong direction of course) to her laptop's touch pad, effectively hitting the internet BACK button. The entire form is erased, the REFRESH button does nothing but provide a fresh new form, and a small tantrum is thrown. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that girl was me a few minutes ago...

The moral of the story- USE A MOUSE. The non tech alternative is, of course, a sheet of paper and a pen.


So I think my first non-holiday gift project will be the Norwegian Stockings from the Folk Socks book. I've never knitted anything in Fair Isle, so I wanted to get a little practice first and got a couple inches of a Pirate Mitten done last night. I was afraid it was going to be a complete disaster, so I'm using Red Heart Sport (in case I make such a big mistake that I just want to literally cut my losses and start over without feeling guilty). Is it me or is Red Heart Sport not really sport weight? It seems really thick on a #3 needle- or is it supposed to feel more sturdy and solid than a regular mitten? I'm a little confused...

I'm off to buy my books for the semester tomorrow. Even though I still have 2 more weeks of freedom, I am determined to have all my reading done before next weekend...


  1. Oh crud, what a pain to have to start all over again on your wedding album selections!!! (To be honest, we still haven't done ours, and our wedding was 2 1/2 years ago. I'm afraid our photographer won't want to give us our album - even though we paid for it.) Your mitten is coming out awesome! I still fear color-work, but have vowed to force myself to try it this year. You seem to be a natural at it!!

  2. That sucks,I'm so sorry

    And I lov ethe ugly doll family that s awsome!!!

  3. Gosh that stinks!!!

    Maybe it was just an excuse to pour over your amazing pictures again!

    The mitten, it's gonna be fantastic!!!! I can't wait to see it all done!