Monday, January 01, 2007

Out with the old...

... and in with 2007. Happy New Year everyone!

Ok, ok, so I know I'm lame for not posting for 2 weeks, but I haven't been feeling inspired lately. I think (I'm pretty sure, actually) it's because I still have the Irish Hiking to finish. Seriously, I am NEVER making another scarf- it's just too boring. I love the way the scarves look but picking them up to work on them is torture. However, I can't bring myself to start anything new until I finish them- grrrrr. On the upside, my dad's skullie is finished, and only needs the ends woven in:

I've decided to give my mom this cap that I made earlier this year:

It's not really visible in the picture, but there is a row of YO's separating the upper and lower halves of the cap. I think I'm going to weave a dark velvet ribbon into those holes and then tie a little bow on the side. It should be pretty cute, and I think she'll like it.

I got some super cool gifts this year for Xmas-

On the right is the new UglyDoll:

Check out this cool coin pusher game my SIL gave me:

It's just like the ones they have at the Jersey Shore- anyone who's ever been to Jenkinson's knows what I'm talking about. If you 've never seen this game, it's totally addictive. You drop quarters in the top slot, they slide down plinko-style, and then land on this platform that moves backwards and forwards. Eventually, there are so many quarters on the platform that they get pushed by the moving platform and drop off the end, resulting in lots of points that you can redeem for different "prizes" (finger traps, miniscule whoopie cushions, army men, etc). It's crazy though- the quarters will be literally hanging over the edge, and you go insane trying to push them into the bin. $20 in quarters does not go very far...

I also got a bunch of knitting books- Folk Socks, Puppy Knits (for our eventual 4 legged friend), Yarn Girls' Guide to Beyond the Basics, and the Pattern a Day calendar. As you may have guessed, I'm now on pattern overload- what am I going to make next???


  1. Marisol1:03 PM

    Nice work on the scarves and hats. Oh and those uggly dolls are sooo cute! Greaqt adds to your knitting library! I see more socks in your future:)

    Happy New Year!

  2. I've heard that the IHS is a neverending beast. It looks so good when finished but... you have to finish it! :P

    What great new knitting books! I can't wait to see what you knit up next!

  3. Happy New Year!!! I sure know what you mean about Pattern Overload. I'm there too . . . but I have a pile of old WIPs I should finish first. :(