Tuesday, January 09, 2007

One of my diamonds just fell in the macaroni

I think, after 9 years, it may be time to retire my current eyeglass frame. Although I still really like them, they are making these weird creaking sounds that make me think something is going to break off soon. I have no back up pair- if I break them, I'm SOL. So I just ordered these online tonight:

They're the same brand as my current pair, and the same size, but just a little Lisa Loeb-ier. I haven't tried them on, since I can't find any stores that carry the brand, but luckily I can return them if I look like some kind of Grease reject.


Here is my progress on the
pirate mitten:

It turns out the sample mitten is going to be too small and I can't stretch it out because it's acrylic. It's ok though- thanks to the hottest winter ever, I have no need for mittens this year...


  1. Marisol5:28 PM

    Cool frames and the mitts look great. Too bad about the size. Hey maybe you can gift them to someone with very small hands--like my 3 yr old:) Hee Hee.

    Oh by the way Hello yarn has a link on her site today about a new KAL for this pattern:

  2. Funny - I was just going to mention the KAL, but someone beat me to it.

  3. love the new specs! so cute.

  4. Anonymous11:55 PM

    Oh, I can't waint until you make me a hat with this pattern! Those are some Bad@$$ little gloves.