Monday, January 08, 2007

Meat on what?

So I haven't been doing a lot of yarn-y things the past few days (except for a couple inches on the scarves while watching disk 2 of Freaks & Geeks) because I've been either making or eating lots of tasty food! Pretty good reason, don't you think?

Over the weekend, one of my friends & I went back to Let's Dish (the place where you prepare meals to freeze and cook at home) and made 12 meals in 3 hours. In writing that seems pretty reasonable; in reality, we felt like the biggest dorks because we saw the room go from packed to completely empty when we still had an hour to go. It was so embarassing- I was trying to come up with a good reason for why everyone else was so quick, but in the end we came to the conclusion that we're just slow cooks :)

It really doesn't matter- we had fun and this months meals are awesome. Last night, pH and I had Mediterranean shrimp over pasta. Mmmmm...

Tonight we went out to eat with some friends to this cool Brazilian restaurant- I don't even know the name, because we were just calling it the "meat on swords" place. It was so cool- you have a buffet of sides, soups, and salads, and then these guys come around to your table with different kinds of meat on these three foot long sword skewer things and cut the meat right on to your plate. There was even this cool system for telling the waiter you want more meat. Each table had a small piece of wood- one side was red and the other was green. Depending on which color was up, you could signal GO MEAT or STOP MEAT without saying a word. Non-verbal communication in this place was crucial, since after a little while, you were so full of meat that speaking or thinking was taxing. If you ever want to experience the Meat Sweats, try a meat-on-swords restaurant...

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  1. :) How cool is all that?? I don't know which sounds better, meat on a sword, or cooking a dozen meals in three hours. Wow!!