Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's like falling off a horse, minus the horse.

In the past two days, I have fallen down THREE TIMES. At work. In front of other people. It's ridiculous how klutzy I am. At home, I am constantly falling UP the stairs- I know that's weird, but I have no explanation for it. pH will vouch for me on this one- he'll hear a little thump come from the hallway, and call out, "did you just fall?" It's so embarassing- how hard is it to remain upright?

Here's a detailed account of my at-work falling:

#1- I was sitting on a stool at the front counter at work (I work in the back office of a retail establishment, so sometimes I have to take orders & stuff from customers at the counter) and went to get off the stool. My foot got caught on some random box of crap sitting at the base of the stool and I fell off. Luckily, my customer had lightning fast reflexes and caught me before I hit the floor. She probably thought I was drunk :)

#2- After hours (same day), I was skipping out of the back room to give my boss a phone message. On the way, I totally just slipped for no reason and fell right on my face. I sat up to look around and see if anyone saw me, and of course, someone did. My co-worker was on the phone with a customer, saw everything, and just started dying laughing. Mortifying.

#3- Today, after everyone heard about story #2, I fell AGAIN- this time in front of everyone! I was walking by this desk that had a ton of crap leaning against it, tripped over it, and sent myself and all the leaning crap flying.

I'm hoping it's all out of my system now...


  1. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Don't be so hard on yourself. Just realize that agility isn't one of your strongpoints. Try doing some simple things like; don't cross your feet while walking, always have at least one foot on the ground while moving, and plan ahead. Ask yourself, "Where is it that I want my foot to go?". I'm sure that it takes plenty of dexterity to knit so try channeling that into your day to day foot travel! Good luck.


  2. it's a good thing you didn't post that prior to proposing, funny man...

  3. Okay, I'm laughing WITH YOU, not at you!!! I've fallen off my desk chair at work, for no apparent reason. And yes, I fall up the stairs too! Do you find random bruises on your leg with no idea how they got there? I'm always good for that!!

  4. Heh heh! I LOVE when friends trip! I would guffaw out loud, but wheezing laughter will have to suffice until I get my voice back.