Monday, January 29, 2007

Funky smell 2007

Some of you may remember the infamous What's That Smell? post from 2005, in which I describe the worst smell known to man (which turned out to be a very leaky window in one of our work vehicles). Now, lucky readers, I have for you a story of a funky smell that turned out to be the grossest thing I could have found in my own car.

So last week, I noticed that there was sort of an odd smell in my car. I couldn't really place what exactly it smelled like, except maybe it was like a piece of food that had fallen and gone bad. Since I rarely eat in my car, unless we're taking an extremely long car ride (ie. back from the parent's house), this didn't really seem plausible. Over the next couple of days, I tried searching for the source of the funk underneath my seats, on the floor, in the little door pockets and in the trunk. Nothing.

I was starting to get really pissed off, because I try to take good care of my car, since it's only 2 years old. If I leave anything in there, it's just paper because I take a lot of notes in the car (I know, it's weird). One of the guys at work used to be a mechanic, so I asked him to smell the car and tell me if it was something he had encountered before. He sticks his head in and says, "it smells like a dead mouse. Let me look at your air filter, because mice get trapped in there all of the time." He opens the hood, pulls out the air filter, and again, nothing. I'm starting to lose my mind...

The next morning, I decided to just vacuum and Fantastik every square inch of the interior and throw out any papers that are stuffed in the glove compartment. Everything looks clean and beautiful, until I get to the glove compartment, which has collected papers and a random bag from the craft store. I pull out the bag and throw it in the trash, and when I turn back to the glove compartment, I see it- there is a DEAD MOUSE in the glove compartment on top of my owner's manual binder. Thankfully it was really cold that week, so he was, well, intact is probably the least disgusting word. I screamed bloody murder and jumped out of the car, because it might as well have been some dead guy in there- I don't want to be in the same car with something DEAD. Luckily as I'm freaking out, pH calls me- I'm like, "you have to come home right away!!! The smell!!! It was a mouse!!!"

pH came home and disposed of the body for me and cleaned out my glove compartment with lots of bleach. Isn't he the best husband ever?? Only someone who really loves you would do that! I also got a new binder for my owner's manual and installed a new air freshener. I think everything is ok now. I had a couple of girlfriends in the car on Saturday and I asked them if they could smell the air freshener because I wasn't sure if it was doing anything. They didn't say it smelled gross in the car, so I guess it's ok. Sorry girls- I didn't mean for you to be the guinea pigs :)


  1. Eeeewww, how does a mouse even make his way into a glove compartment???? Yucky. Now I'm going to be afraid to ever open my glove compartment again (but I'm not complaining - it's better to be forewarned!!) Your husband is so sweet - he's a keeper for sure!!

  2. Ugh. The mouse must have climbed through the engine and then made its way through/by the airbag. And then lodged itself into your glove compartment.

    I would not have been able to deal with that as well. In one of my old workplaces, there was a dead mousie behind my desk. I ran away like a 5-year old girl and put my fingers in my ears, yelling "la la la la la" until someone disposed of the tiny corpse.

    Brings me back to the dead rat in the backyard, remember? *shudder*

  3. Kym, I prmoise you - I swaer to you on Rock Stars Grave (Not that he's dead, in fact, thatnk, whatever god there is that he did not die) but I swear I did not put the rat in your glove compartment. That is really traumatic and f'd up and I'm really sorry you had to go through that.

    I can't beleive that happened!

    I'm sorry - I really didn't put it in the glove compartment - you know Sa and I only put dead rodents and birds OUTSIDE on your car!

  4. Marisol1:31 PM

    Oh No!!!! You poor thing! I am totally with you though. I would have been screaming at the top of my lungs in horror and disgust as well:(

  5. UGH! That totally sucks! I can't even imagine!

    So sorry!!! I hope it smells better soon!

  6. Ha ha! Oh Riot....I forgot about the birdie....heh heh....

  7. yeah, i still have the whole video some where too

  8. late tot he party on this one, but I agree with everyone above.


    I'm freaking out just reading your story, much less being actually face to face with a dead mouse in my glove compartment. Did you ever figure out how it got there?

    And about today's post... I think it's totally cheating that prep time doesn't count in 30 minute meals. After all, isn't that most of the cooking time?