Monday, January 22, 2007

At least one Manning doesn't suck

The first week of school is over- I think this semester should be pretty interesting. I'm taking Evidence, International Law, Race Law, and Federal Jurisdiction. My Evidence professor is the chief justice of our state's highest court, so that's pretty cool. Who better to teach the class, right? And my Federal Jurisdiction professor is also the giver of the famous vomit-inducing exam from last semester. We told him about that girl on the first day and he was like, "wow, I should get an award or something!" So funny.

For those of you who don't know, Mr. Stix has been taking Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu (Gracie style!) for a few months, and competed in his first tournament on Saturday. He placed third in his weight class and won a medal! Kick ass!!!!

I only worked on one knitted project this weekend. Since I'm trying to use up all of my acrylic yarn before I buy any of the good stuff, I decided to whip up the City Coat from the Lion Brand Vintage Knits book. I'm using Homespun in Edwardian, so it doesn't really show up in this picture. Also, I think by changing the color and making the collar smaller, it won't look so dorky:

I would have started something a little more interesting than a giant black sweater, but man, is it cold in my office! I desperately need something to keep me warm during the day. I sit near a door that opens to the outside (with no vestibule or anything), so whenever anyone opens it, it sucks all the warm air out. So annoying. I have a little space heater and everything, but it does little to keep me comfortable.

Once this is finished (and it seems like a pretty quick knit), I also want to make some fingerless mitts. The classroom in which two of my classes meet is freezing cold, and it's hard to concentrate when you are shivering...

By the way, the cute glasses didn't work out :( The part that sits on your nose looks really weird when they're on because it's wider on each side of your nose that on the rest of the frame. It ends up looking like there is a huge weird shadow floating around your nose. Not a good look- I'm going to return them, and I think I will just order the same pair I have now. This was I can have a back up pair, and anyway, I still love my frames.

Did anyone see that article on men's leggings that was featured on Yahoo this weekend? WTF?? I don't want to see a guy's knees through his pants, especially when they're covered with wrinkly fabric, nor do I want to see the outline of his junk. This model looks like he has changed from the waist down into the required uniform to compete in a high school wrestling match:

And hey, Eli Manning, why couldn't you deliver for the Giants this season like your brother did for the Colts? :(


  1. Brrr, I can't imagine having to sit right next to an outside door!! Not only to you need to knit the jacket - but you need a big knitted blankie too!! :)

  2. Marisol4:08 PM

    It sound like a very good class line-up. Dude--this picture of the guy in leggings is hillarious! Who in their right mind would wear these? Ha!

  3. Yay for Mr.Stix! That is awesome! I took brazillian jui-jitsu in high school & college. It's the best self defense for girls!! :)

    No way to man-leggings! UGH!