Friday, December 01, 2006

World AIDS day 2006

Support World AIDS Day

This year, more than 40 million people worldwide are living with AIDS. In previous years, it was thought that the number of new cases was finally decreasing. It turns out that this is not true- the virus is actually on the rise. Below is a list of ways to get involved and fight the disease (taken from the World AIDS Day website).

Here are some things you can do:

Break the silence - Challenge ignorance and prejudice: wear a red ribbon, speak out or educate others.

Campaign - Help prevent millions of deaths from AIDS every year: campaign with us to get lifesaving HIV treatment to those who need it.

Donate now - The money you donate to the National AIDS Trust will help stop the spread of HIV and end prejudice.

Fundraise - Take a collection box, organise a red themed event or do an overseas challenge to raise money for HIV and AIDS.

Get the red ribbon - Wear a red ribbon on World AIDS Day and encourage others to help raise awareness and challenge prejudice.

Tell your story - Tell us what YOU are going to do. Your story could inspire others to take action.

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