Thursday, December 21, 2006

Where's your holiday cheer?

Ok, so maybe I'm the last person who should be criticizing anyone for lacking the old holiday spirit (I've turned into a regular Scrooge the past two years, as the holidays are interrupting the much needed relaxation between semesters), but man, Xmas shoppers can be obnoxious! Last night, pH and I were at the Borders near our house (which I'm now convinced is a magnet for weirdos) and the following conversation went down:

- Girl ahead of me in line: (eyeing the two bags of Seattle's Best coffee in my hand) "Excuse me, is that a good brand of coffee?"

-Me: "Oh, I don't really know. I've only had their mochas and stuff, but not their regular coffee."

-Girl: "Well, I figured you had had it before and that's why you were buying it."

-Me: "Actually, it's a gift."

-Girl: "Oh, so since it's a gift, you don't care what it tastes like."

-Me: (holding back from punching her in the face) "Uh, no, I care what it tastes like. I figured it was pretty good since they sell it here."

-Girl: "Yeah, well, they sell a lot of things here."

WTF??? Are you kidding me? How about this- you ask someone if something is good, they say they don't know, and then you stop talking?

Anyway, I've basically finished my shopping- I had trouble thinking of cool stuff for my family, so I ended up buying my parents and grandparents stuff to create a cozy tv night. The parents will each receive pj's, coffee, and a large throw blanket; the grandparents will receive coffee and both seasons of Grey's Anatomy.

pH and I just exchanged our gifts- I gave him books and video games and vintage robot Xmas ornaments. He gave me the new UglyDoll (who actually showed up earlier this week- he's very cute), Folk Socks, Puppy Knits, and found a Central Perk mug that I've always wanted in the UK. Kick ass!

I'll probably still be blogging this weekend, but in case I don't, have a great holiday everybody!


  1. What a beeotch.

    Why would you say that to someone, and really, now bad can it be, its freekin brewed coffee. So long as you grind it nice- and then you're gonna add sugar and milk or coffe mates to it - really.

    I hate weird people on line in store. Today, I went to the super market, and this old woman behin me, like, kept trying to cut me. I left my cart behind my mum and her cart (We shopped together for xmas dinner food) I had to pu tback a cake sinc emy mom was all tryin to buy like 5 deserts so i get back from putting it back - like an aisle away, and shes like moved my cart and is shoving hers is. OK, theres no one behind her, and like, shes up my ass.

    Then I say excues me and move back in and go back to helping my mum with her cart, and shes like ramming her cart up my ass.

    yeah holidays suck.

  2. People are such idiots! Really!!!!

    Your gift ideas sound great! I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!