Monday, November 13, 2006

Oh crap.

Wow, so much happened since I last posted (not necessarily with me, just in the world in general).

First of all, the inevitable happened- I F-ed up my stupid sock!!! Grrr. Poor pomotomus- I got carried away when I started chart B and stopped looking at it until I was 12 rows into it. This totally sucks, because I need to rip out like 7 rows and I don't know what's going to happen when I do. I made so many mistakes and fudged it in so many places, I'm not sure I'll be able to fix it.

I'm bummed out about it, so instead of freaking out, I started on the second Hedera sock. I just finished the leg and so far it's looking good. I think it's tighter than the first one, but it might be because I've stretched out the other one trying it on all the time.


Have you ever heard of Let's Dish? It's really cool- there are a bunch across the country, mostly on the east coast. The concept is great- you go to this store and you make meals to bring home and cook. They provide all the ingredients, you just measure everything out and put it in a freezer bag. They have little workstations for each meal that they offer, and a little sign with the recipe. Best of all, they clean up everything. In theory, you can prepare 12 meals (which are 8 servings per meal) in like 2 hours. Then you take everything home and freeze each meal in individual bags & defrost them when you're ready to eat them. Genius! I went there last weekend with two of my girlfriends and it was so much fun. You can also bring wine and stuff and make it a real party:) So far we've had tasty salmon and Moroccan chicken. Mmmmm.


Guitar Hero II is the best game EVER. I beat the game on medium today, which meant playing Freebird. It was pretty funny, because when you get to it, it keeps asking you, "Are you sure you want to play Freebird?"- "Are you really sure?"

Now I'm screwed though, because I tried to play the easiest song on the Hard level and I got booed off the stage! Too hard for people with tiny hands :)


Have you been to Starbucks lately?? The holiday stuff is out and super freaking cute! I got a little ornament today- it has a ceramic coffee cup (that looks like the paper to-go cups) with a Xmas tree snowglobe coming out of it. Cute. They also have some cool holiday cups sets -they're waaaaaay overpriced, so I'll wait till they go on sale.

Finally, go RUTGERS and good riddance RUMMY!!!!!

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  1. Poor pom! It's a great pattern. I hope you will try it again.

    Can't wait for Hedera pics!!

    Oh guitar hero, the obsession that is paralelling knitting right now!

    Hard is really hard tho. Even my professional guitar playing husband says so!