Sunday, November 19, 2006

Is that their prom photo?

Ok, first, for the inevitable reference to the TomKat wedding- has anyone seen the photo they released on People Magazine's website:

While Katie Holmes does make a beautiful bride, I just have to ask- when the hell did Tom Cruise get a foot taller? Or is she standing in a trap door of some sort?

The Irish Hiking Scarves are coming along nicely- no pictures yet because, well, I'm lazy :) I think tomorrow I will cast on for my dad's hat- this way, when we're stuck in Thanksgiving traffic this week, I can make some major headway.

Has anyone using Blogger switched to the new version yet? Is it a pain? They're going to make us switch eventually, I'm just not sure when...


  1. i just don't understand why, of all people, brooke shields was preferred over oprah.
    i mean, dude. we're talking about OPRAH.
    the dude jumped all over her couch and he doesn't have the decency to invite the woman? she's like, OPRAH.
    i suppose if you diss a woman for PPD, you owe her more than you would a woman whose couch you jumped.
    i wonder if katie had PPD...?

  2. I bet it's because Oprah would be the most famous person there. You can't one-up Tom on his big day-you'd end up mysteriously missing...

  3. Best Prom Photo EVAH!

    Tom didn't want Oprah to give away any free cars on his wedding day. But inviting Brooke Shields and Posh Spice? I was confused.....

  4. Yes, I agree with you on the prom photo thing. For two movie stars, you'd think that they could have picked a more flattering picture of them to sell to People, yah?

    Anyway, what's up with my bloglines feed? I came over to comment on your guitar hero thing and then I saw that there were two new posts? Anyway, just wanted to point out that I got GH2 on Friday and immediately played through the whole thing (while DH fell asleep in his beer naturally) just so I could open up all of the songs. And wow, the songs are MUCH harder on the same difficulty level than they used to be. And well, I don't recognize most of them. Do you?

  5. that picture is SO sears portrait studio. and i'm dying to switch to beta but haven't been invited yet.

  6. Anonymous11:23 PM

    I just wanted to comment on the UFC fight. I am so glad that GSP defeated Matt Hughes. Hughes was getting too cockey and St. Pierre has too much talent.

    And in the Holmes/Cruise pictue it looks like Katie is bending her legs so that she looks shorter. And she should have gotten her dress from Vera Wang :)