Saturday, November 18, 2006

Fingers crossed for a shake-up...

Holiday knitting time has arrived- if I finish everything in time, it will be some sort of miracle. Last night I started on two Irish Hiking scarves, one for each grandparent. I'm also making a hat for my dad (he really liked the one I made for pH last year) and some gloves for my mom.

Has anyone ever given homemade food items as gifts, like the ones they always have in Martha Stewart Living? Does it seem stupid or cheesy? Everything in her Holiday Handmade Gifts issue seemed pretty cool- the food looked tasty and everything was wrapped so nicely. What's a domestically challenged girl to do?

And now, for the big news- UFC 65: Bad Intentions is on tonight! Not just one, but TWO title fights. I'm kind of torn on who's going to win. I'm hoping GSP kicks Matt Hughes' ass, because the UFC could use another shake-up. Who wants to watch the same guy win forever? Boring!

The Sylvia/ Monson fight should be interesting. I watched this show on Spike TV that followed Monson around during training- the training program was insane. Instead of circuit training in the gym, the trainer came up with the "Truck and Tire" method. Monson goes around the parking lot of the gym dragging a 200 lb tire while shadow boxing, then flips over a couple of 600 lb tires, and then he pushes a large SUV around. WTF??? Oh yeah, best of all, the entire time he's doing this, there is a guy with a 6 foot long pole with a boxing glove on the end getting in his face and he has to duck to avoid the glove (it was supposed to simulate Sylvia's reach). Hilarious.

The guy is only like 5'10 and Sylvia is 6'8, so I don't think he'll be able to overcome Sylvia's reach advantage.

Anyway, if anyone cares, here are my predictions:

Hughes v. St. Pierre- St. Pierre by TKO in Round 2

Sylvia v. Monson- Sylvia by TKO in Round 1

**UPDATE** 12:40 am:

According to Sherdog's play by play, GSP is the new welterweight champion... by TKO at 1:25 into the 2nd round.

Sylvia won by decision after a supposedly boring 5 round fight.

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  1. Well, the thing about giving homemade food items is that it's usually preceded by "I made this for (dinner)(lunch)(dessert)."

    I would give said person another gift as well with the food.