Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day 2006 Rocks!

Man, this has been an exciting day! Congratulations to all the winning Dems- as of 11:45 pm, it looks like they've taken back control. It's about time.

We didn't have any problems today with voting, luckily. It was a little slower than in the past, but I think it's because the questions on the ballot were really long. One question dealt with a judicial issue, the name of which was in its latin form. I don't understand why they don't explain it a little more clearly for the general public. If I wasn't in law school, I wouldn't have had any idea what they were talking about and couldn't have made an informed decision. I guess you're supposed to look into it prior to the election by looking at the sample ballot, but how many people do that?


So I'm thinking about getting this
new UglyDoll to add to our family:

Isn't he cool? He's a Secret Mission ugly, so I guess he's up to all kinds of Ninja activities...

By the way, Pam Anderson is cool- she's in a new movie where her character has a pet turtle (which I guess is somehow integral to the story), but she refused to sign on unless the studio agreed to use a fake stunt turtle instead of a real one. One has to wonder though- what about all the turtle actors trying to get their big break??

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  1. I second the woo hoo! I have to wonder, by the way, why is it that most knitbloggers I read seem to lean ever so slightly to the left? Or am I just seeing what I want to see?

    nice work on the pomatomus, btw. I can't see the mistakes you refer to, so stop thinking about it!