Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The day after Election Day 2006 rocks harder

Ok, today is awesome. From the time I woke up to about 8 pm, it was just mweh. However, once I got home, things picked way up:

1. We went out and got Guitar Hero II- this game is unbelievable. First of all, it comes with a red guitar and sticker to make it look somewhat bad ass (i.e. eyeballs and shredded bat wings). Second, the song list is way cooler than in the last one. This version has Mother, Freebird, and ....SWEET CHILD O'MINE. Kick ass.

2. BK Italian chicken sandwich. Mmmmmmmmm.

3. More Sopranos DVDs came from Netflix.

4. The Dems took control of the Senate.


Oh yeah, and go see Borat. Run, don't walk to the nearest theatre. It's the funniest movie I've seen in years.


  1. I KNOW....Hi, Virginia - could you have counted your votes any slower????? And the Republican dweeb from Montana was whining yesterday that he wasn't going to, you lost - so conceding is a moot point for you.

    I'm slowly convincing Annie to see Borat with me....

  2. By the way....Nancy Pelosi scares me, but that scary factor may work for the Democrats advantage.

  3. Yay for all of the above!! We have been obsessing over guitar hero 2 as well!

    It's got SPINAL TAP & DETHKLOK!!!! Woo hoo!

    Plus the characters are better & we can play against each other!

  4. DH wants to see Borat too... I'm hoping that I get it because let's be honest here, I have no sense of humor.

    As for #1 on your list. I'm SO JEALOUS!!!! If you've noticed, I haven't been posting lately mostly because of some wedding thing, but also because I've been procrastinating by playing guitar hero. I SO want the second game just so I can try out the cooperative mode. Tell me it works!

    Oh and BTW, Sweet Child o mine is my jam too.